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    • What is ActionFit by UltraSite? ActionFit is a permanent outdoor fitness solution consisting of three product lines:
      1. The FitTech Series features sleek silver and grey designs that complement any space.
        1. FitTech Strength building machines feature our unique rubber spring mechanism which resists equally to the amount of force expended by the user providing a higher level of fitness.
        2. Coordinating universal design equipment (ADA) is also available in the FitTech line. Example: Dual Chest Press (Accessible) – one side has a seat, and the opposite side allows for a person in a wheelchair to perform the same exercise without having to transition out of their chair.
      2. The Traditional Series features functional designs and have multiple color options.
        1. Versatile designs allow users to continually change up their workout routine, enabling a fresh approach to fitness at every visit to the outdoor fitness park.
        2. Features 18 powder coat colors and 4 deck colors to choose from.
      3. The Active Adult Fitness Series was exclusively designed for the active aging population.
        1. This line approaches fitness from the eyes of those who wish to maintain their everyday activities and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.
        2. Focuses on balance/flexibility and core strength.


    • What are the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment?
      1. Our extensive research has revealed that exercising outdoors increases the overall enjoyment of working out as well as increasing the frequency and length of time spent exercising. Compared with exercising indoors, exercising in natural environments has been associated with greater feelings of revitalization, positive engagement, and increased energy. It has also been linked to decreased tension, confusion, anger, and depression.
      2. Just a few of the user benefits include:
        1. Physical Health – builds lean muscle, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, increases energy, improve chances of living longer and healthier
        2. Mental Health – boosts overall mood and well-being, provides greater feeling of revitalization and positive enjoyment, increases serotonin levels, improves concentration and mental acuity
        3. Social Health – encourages motivation and support, attracts new users and beginners, provides opportunities for fitness classes


    • Who should use ActionFit?
      1. ActionFit equipment is designed to be comfortable for a beginner and also provides a challenge for the fitness expert. For example, a Plyometric Box may be used for repetitive box squats for the expert, but can be used as a step up and down for the beginner. Outdoor fitness is appropriate for ages 13 all the way up to active seniors. With the ability to modify in so many ways, the user can choose their own challenge level, it is just important to get them out there and get them moving! As always, we recommend consulting your physician before beginning any exercise routine.


    • What geographic areas are best to install ActionFit equipment?
      1. The great thing about ActionFit is that it is suitable for any outdoor space. The materials used to construct the equipment are the same high-end quality materials used to build post and deck playgrounds you see in every city across the country. While warmer climates may see more use due to year-round availability, the sensible pricing makes it an economical fitness solution everywhere. With the importance of sun safety also on the rise, we are seeing a lot of shade structures erected over outdoor fitness areas.


    • What maintenance is required?
      1. Unlike indoor equipment, there is very little maintenance needed. However, we do recommend a yearly review of the equipment. The hardware should be checked and tightened as necessary. All parts should also be checked for rust or paint loss and touched-up as necessary with paint. Each facility should maintain a detailed installation, inspection, maintenance and repair record for each site.


    • Are there age restrictions on any of the ActionFit products?
      1. ActionFit products are for ages 13 and up. Most pieces include a sign that clearly states the age requirements and also recommended exercises for that piece.


    • Are there ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment?
      1. There are currently no ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment. The ASTM is working on guidelines, but no guidelines exist today.


    • Is the resistance adjustable on any of the ActionFit pieces?
      1. ActionFit does not use adjustable weight on any outdoor fitness pieces. Depending on the piece, body weight resistance, and rubber spring resistance are used in the ActionFit lines.


    • How do I become a National Demonstration Site?
      1. The National Demonstration Site Designation is exclusive to PlayCore outdoor fitness equipment and communicates to others that your outdoor fitness park follows best practice guidelines. To qualify, your fitness park must include all five elements of a well-rounded fitness program. Ask your sales representative how you can become a National Demonstration Site Today!


    • What are the color options for ActionFit?
      1. The FitTech line is only available in metallic and black. The Traditional and Active Adult Fitness lines have 18 powder coat colors and 4 deck colors to choose from. The Traditional line can be used to match the FitTech and Active Adult lines by choosing matching powder coat colors.


    • How far apart do the pieces of equipment need to be?
      1. 3’ is recommended between pieces of equipment. You can spread them out further depending on the space available, but 3’ is the minimum space recommended between pieces of equipment.


    • What is the warranty on ActionFit products?
      1. ActionFit comes with a 10 year limited warranty on the FitTech, Active Adult Fitness, and Traditional lines. Full warranty information is provided on pages 8, 20, and 24 of the ActionFit catalog. A digital copy is also available upon request.


    • How do I quote ActionFit equipment?
      1. Use the “Add to Quote” feature directly on the product pages and easily submit your request via form.
      2. Quote requests can also be sent directly to quotes(at) Please include the equipment, part numbers desired to be quoted, and a ship to city, state, and zip code.


    • What are the mounting options for ActionFit?

a. The FitTech and Active Adult Fitness lines have in ground, surface mount, and J-Bolt mounting options. The Traditional line is only available as in ground mount.