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Equipment for Every Body

At ActionFit, we offer outdoor fitness equipment designed for many different ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Our products range in functionality with an overall goal to encourage communities to be more active to help prevent health challenges caused by the lack of activity. 

There are many benefits to installing outdoor fitness equipment in the community. Creating an outdoor gym can help boost overall mental and physical health. It can also help people build lean muscle and encourage both socialization and motivation. 

When selecting outdoor fitness equipment, it is very important to choose products that work with different muscle groups to ensure you are offering a well-rounded foundation for your community. By including equipment that offers the five elements of fitness, you can ensure your outdoor fitness park provides a well-rounded fitness experience that promotes health improvement and wellness. Here are the five elements of fitness to consider when building out your park.

  • Aerobic fitness – Keeps heart and lungs functioning at optimum levels
  • Muscle fitness – Builds endurance and strength to perform challenging tasks
  • Balance – Promotes kinesthetic awareness
  • Flexibility – Promotes stability and coordination, and range of motion
  • Core Fitness – Stabilizes the body during movement

Whether you are choosing outdoor fitness equipment for a local park, school, or senior center, our products are designed to be modified to suit many different fitness levels and abilities. 

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults

Create an outdoor gym for adults with challenging outdoor fitness equipment that can appeal to all fitness abilities. A beginner to exercise routines can use the same piece of equipment as someone who is more experienced. For example, a Plyometric Box may be used for box squats for someone who is more physically active, but it can also be used as a step up and down for someone just starting out. There are a lot of ways the users can choose their own challenge level with our outdoor fitness equipment.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Seniors

At ActionFit, our Active Adult Fitness Series was exclusively designed for the active aging population. Active Adult Fitness empowers users by providing familiar exercises with modified designs to provide added stability — helping with balance, flexibility, and core strength. This line approaches fitness from the eyes of those who wish to maintain their everyday activities and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Our Active Adult products feature enhanced handholds, stepping surfaces, and wider seating options.

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