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Fitness Equipment for Every Space

ActionFit offers outdoor fitness equipment designed to fit any space. By building an outdoor gym in your community, you are giving people access to health improvement without ever requiring them to pay a gym membership fee.

Places to Install Outdoor Fitness Equipment 

From senior centers to college campuses, there are a number of appropriate settings for installing outdoor fitness equipment. Below are just a few places to build an outdoor gym.

Apartment Complexes

Attract new residents with amenities that appeal to their lifestyle and budget. Approximately 56 percent of Americans say the cost of gym memberships keep them from working out in a gym. Bring the gym to them, by giving them the opportunity to spend more time outdoors while also fitting in a workout. 


Encourage healthy outdoor activities between classes at school. Bringing outdoor gyms to school campuses provides unique social opportunities to students, while also giving them a free outlet for exercise. 


Improve amenity offerings to hotel guests with outdoor fitness options. Both business and leisure travelers can benefit from outdoor gyms when they are spending time out of town. 

Fitness Centers

Give your members the unique alternative to indoor exercise by creating an outdoor fitness area. Bringing fitness equipment outdoors may make it feel less intimidating for beginners in a gym environment. 

Senior Centers & Senior Living Communities

Empower aging adults in senior living communities or senior centers with access to outdoor gyms. Nearly 47 percent of adults who are past the age of 50 say they prefer to exercise outdoors. Bring outdoor gyms to senior communities and provide seniors with an amenity that is both health-based and social. 

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Steps for Creating an Outdoor Gym

Do you already know where you’d like to break ground on your outdoor gym? We have outlined a few steps below to help kick things off.

1. Location

Location is key, be sure to position your outdoor fitness park in a central location that allows convenient access and provides a safe surrounding for comfort and ease of use. 

2. Layout

When determining the layout of your fitness park, it is important to get advice from the experts. At ActionFit, we are always happy to assist you with a product arrangement that promotes usability.

3. Fitness Equipment

It is very important to select products that work different muscle groups to ensure you are offering a well-rounded foundation for your community. 

4. Surfacing

With ASTM updates for surfacing requirements, appropriate surfacing is becoming more common in the fitness park setting. Be sure you understand these standards so that your park is compliant and safe for your community to exercise. 

5. Site Amenities

To make your fitness park more comfortable, be sure to add site amenities like picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles, bike parking, and water fountains. Any of these additions to a fitness park can help. Contact us for more information on these products.

6. Shade

The outdoors provides a lot of great benefits, but it also exposes your patrons to harsh sunlight. Another great addition to your fitness park is a functional shade option.

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