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The Training Course offers everything the user needs to begin their fitness journey. This course features 6 FitTech products which focus on all four fitness elements including aerobic, muscle fitness, balance/flexibility, and core. By including the four components of fitness, your park has the option to become a National Demonstration Site (NDS).

This Includes:

  • Listing on the National Registry of Outdoor Fitness Parks
  • Exclusive designation sign Permission to use National Demonstration Site Seal for marketing purposes
  • Recognition letter and certificates
  • A professional press release which will be sent to news agencies in your community to promote your leadership as an advocate for health.

Designed for ages 13 and up.


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Minimum space needed: 625  sqft

ActionFit items included:

  • Horizontal Chin Up Station
  • Leg Press
  • Captain’s Chair
  • Balance Board
  • Cardio Walker

The Training Course is available with standard Fit-Tech color options, it qualifies for PlayCore’s National Demonstration site designation for Outdoor Fitness, and features J-Bolt, In-ground and surface mount options unless otherwise noted.

*Plyometric Box, Horizontal Chin-Up and Push-Up Stations (in-Ground Mount only) Balance Board (J-Bolt Footing only)