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Shoulder Rotator (Accessible)

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Shoulder Rotator (Accessible)

The Accessible Shoulder Rotator promotes shoulder, chest, back, and ab strength and stretching. Designed for ages 13 and up.

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Accessible Shoulder Rotator users can sit securely in their mobility device and grasp the hand grips of the Shoulder Rotator. Then rotate in a smooth circular motion. This is a unique piece of equipment that promotes shoulder, chest, back, ab strength and stretching.

  • With hands securely on grips, rotate in smooth circular motion
  • Applying one’s bodyweight allows for simple resistance
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
  • Steel construction with rust resistant coating
  • ADA Accessible
  • Clearance Space: 10′-2 13/16″ x 14′-7 3/16″
  • Training Envelope: 4′-2 13/16″ x 8′-7 3/16″

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