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Assisted Step Trainer

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Assisted Step Trainer

Users can test their balance by carefully walking up and down these steps, using one, both or no handrails for assistance. The Assisted Step Trainer helps build Balance and Core Strength. Designed for ages 13 and up.

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The Assisted Step Trainer builds Balance and Core strength, and mimics an every day activity for all abilities. Users practice stepping up and down the stairs using one or both bars for assistance. Advanced users can even skip a step for added challenge.

  • With hands securely on handrails, carefully walk up steps
  • Handrails feature a textured hand grip for added support
  • Step surface is made from marine-grade, slip resistant plastics
  • Steel Construction with rust resistant coating
  • Freestanding instructional sign included
  • Clearance Space: 15′-1 3/4″ x 9′-5 13/16″
  • Training Envelope: 9′-1 3/4″ x 3′-5 13/16″

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